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The Rise

The Rise is where cannabis entrepreneurs come to grow.

Journalism and education about cannabis businesses and the people who start them.

Whether you’re looking to Get Smart about this exciting new sector, Get Compliant with its abundant rules and regulations, or Get Scale without going broke, The Rise can oblige.

We recognize aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs also face a deeply entrenched anti-cannabis stigma. Through our journalism, The Rise also aims to advocate for a more accurate view of cannabis businesses and the people who start them.

Misconceptions and stereotypes - the origins of which can be traced back nearly a century to ‘Reefer Madness’-style propaganda - have stubbornly endured beyond the end of prohibition. The Rise works to eradicate that stigma.

Simply put: this is not where you will find stock images of people wearing cannabis leaf-shaped sunglasses puffing on baseball bat-sized joints meant to represent ‘typical’ cannabis consumers.

Our motto is “No Smoke” because such important work requires dedicated transparency.

 Prominent disclaimers are part of our publishing DNA. Every piece of content you find here will make any potential bias or conflict of interest readily apparent.

It starts with being up front about who we are and where we come from. 

Veteran cannabis journalist Jameson Berkow is (mostly) who we are. He is our founding Editor-in-Chief, our senior writer and our full-time barista. He joined cannabis venture capital firm Canopy Rivers - owner and operator of The Rise - in early 2020 after more than a decade covering business news for the Financial Post, CTV, BNN Bloomberg and The Globe and Mail.

Under his leadership, our mission is clear:

Cannabis legalization does not happen with the stroke of a pen; it happens when we all collectively accept cannabis as a legitimate part of broader social progress.

 The Rise is here to help advance that acceptance, which cannot be achieved through smoke and mirrors. Our goal is to offer honest, smoke-free support, encouragement and inspiration.

 We encourage everyone, everywhere, to be part of The Rise.